Where’s Bill?

The goal of the Where’s Bill? Project is to draw attention to the fact that Senate Bill 63, the Statewide Smoke-Free Indoor Workplace bill, still hasn’t been scheduled for a vote on the House floor. By taking pictures of Bill in different communities around the state, we can point out that where Bill needs to be is on the House Floor for a vote!


    1. Bring Bill to life! Simply take a piece of  paper, roll it up, and draw a face on Bill so he can see where he’s going. (You can give Bill as much decoration and personality as you like, but Bill is a simple guy at heart and will be just fine with a set of eyes and a smile.)
    2. Take a picture of Bill somewhere in your community. Here are some tips for getting better photos:
      1. People’s faces are very engaging. You can take a selfie with Bill, or if you aren’t comfortable being on camera, ask a friend to hold Bill while you take their photo.
      2. Give people an idea of where Bill is in the photo. Sure, you can take a photo of Bill up against a plain wall, but it would be so much more interesting if he was in front of a landmark, or sitting next to your cup of coffee, or attending a concert. The options are endless.
      3. BONUS PROTIP: Try to make sure you can clearly see Bill and the other people/things in the photo. If you’re using your phone, make sure to clean your camera lens and hold it steady so Bill doesn’t end up getting blurry.
    3. Every photo needs a caption to help people know where Bill is visiting. For example: “Where’s Bill? He’s visiting Kaladi Brothers cafe to enjoy a latte, but we sure wish he was in House Judiciary for a hearing!”
    4. Post your photo as “Public” if you’re using a platform with privacy settings.
    5. Be sure to use both of these hashtags in your caption: #wheresbill63 #akleg
    6. Ask your friends, family, and coalition members to help introduce Bill to the rest of the state. The more photos we have, the better!


Thank you for your help in getting Bill up for a vote! Let’s make sure Bill gets to see ALL of Alaska.

Questions? Send an email to wheresbillinalaska@gmail.com or call 907-273-2069.